Important News – Thousands of Indian Muslims might lose their citizenship

Kolkata: Central Home Minister Amit Shah reignited the debate over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) during a visit to inaugurate BSF floating border checkpoint in West Bengal.

He said the controversial law will be implemented soon after the “Covid wave” ends.

He assured, “Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was, is and will be a reality in India.”

Citizenship Amendment Act – CAA combined with National Register of Citizens - NRC poses great threat to the Muslim citizens of India. Hence, triggered a slew of protests across the country and sharp criticism around the world.

Many countries studied and understood the discriminatory nature of the law and raised strongest objections, and Kuwait and Bahrain are among them.

(12ummah.com is investigating why ‘gulf-insider.com’ deleted the news about Bahrain parliament)

Similarly United Nations, European Union and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation condemned the discriminatory law and requested Narendra Modi’s government to withdraw.

Firs time India was invited to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation meeting at Abu Dhabi. Then External Affairs Minister late Sushma Swaraj misled the 56 Arab nations with wrong information.

“CAA is not discriminatory to Indian Muslims, it is a humane law to protect persecuted minorities from neighbouring countries.”

Whereas as Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019 combined with National Register of Citizens and National Population Registry is in-fact created for Indian Muslims. Because, it demands the Indian Muslims to prove their citizenship by providing 70 years old documents, and it is not limited to one particular state called Assam either.

As our readers can watch it directly from the Home Minister of India himself.

Home Minister Amit Shah is crafty and perilous politician with strong anti-Muslim sentiments, chief adviser and close confidante of Narendra Modi. Gujarat Files an investigative journalistic book confirms that Amit Shah and Modi together are the masterminds’ of 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom of Gujarat.

In exact words of the Home Minister himself (can be seen in above video) “Try to under the Chronology, first Citizenship Amendment Act will come, then National Register of Citizens will be implemented across India, then after National Population Register will be conducted.”

While the Home Minister says National Register of Citizens (NRC) will be implemented across India, it is surprising and disappointing to see that the world’s largest Muslim organisation, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation convinced with the false information given by a minister who is belongs anti-Muslim political party and ruling government.

Global experts concerned that Citizenship Amendment Act might create the world’s largest statelessness crises. Nearly 200 million Muslims may lose their citizenship and become refugees in their own country where their generations of their family born and bought up.

India’s most recognised Muslim politician and member of the parliament, Asaduddin Owaisi, strongly believed the Citizenship Amendment Act – CAA is discriminatory to the Muslim population in India. He strongly opposed the law in the parliament because it violates the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution. Also, you cannot have two citizenship laws in India. You cannot allow this country to be governed on the basis of religion.

It is time for international community, especially Muslim community needs to understand the law, and do not fall for the false talks of the government or authorities, demand the Indian authorities to clarify the statements of the Home Minister.

The responsibility of saving the second largest Muslim community of the world lays on your shoulders now. Allah azzawajal might be watching weather we fulfil our responsibility or not.

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