26, March 2023: An Imam in a district Maharashtra was attacked by Hindutva activists. Hindutva group entered the mosque and demanded Imam to chant Jai Shree Ram. When Imam refused, they beat him up.

The incident took place after Maghrib on Sunday when the Imam was reading the Quran inside the mosque. Then the Imam Zakir Sayyed Khaja was made subconscious using chemical-laced cloth, and his beard was cut off by the Hindutva groups.

Last year (June 2022) another 85-year-old Imam was murdered inside the mosque. Maulvi Safi Ahmed was found dead inside the Mosque of Siwan district of Bihar.  

In March 2021, an Imam was assaulted inside the Mosque in Karnataka.

In June 2021, A group of men barged into a mosque during Isha prayer, and assaulted the imam as well as worshippers at Rampur Majra village in Greater Noida near Delhi.

September 2020, an Imam was attacked by a mob inside mosque in Karnal, India. Mohammad Ahsan is an Imam of Mosque, he was attacked by an armed mob when he was in mosque, Ahsan alleged that attackers were carrying Swords, Rifles etc.

June 2017 while returning from Delhi after Eid shopping, an aspiring Imam Sayed Junaid was stabbed to death in train.

Hindu extremists continue their racist crimes and hate speeches in India under the auspices of the ruling party headed by Narendra Modi.

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Source:  India Today     |     Muslim Mirror     |     CJP      |    Al Estiklal

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