2 May 2023: The Indian Muslim community across the globe has been left surprised by a statement from Egypt's chief Islamic preacher.

Dr. Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, has praised India for its co-existence and communal harmony, and applauded the government for providing equal rights to people of diverse faiths.

However, there are concerns that the Mufti's views may have been influenced by a curated tour arranged by Indian authorities. Some argue that the Mufti should have seen the reality on the ground, including the destruction of the Babri Mosque and the lynching of Muslim victims. Additionally, there have been accusations that the Indian government has failed to protect the rights of its Muslim citizens.

Critics suggest that the Mufti should visit Muslim victims of the Gujarat riots, such as Bilkis Bano, and learn the government released 11 convicted criminals, who gangraped her and killed her family Infront of her eyes. He should also meet, Zakia Jaffrey, who lost her legal battle against Prime Minister Modi. Should learn how her husband Javed Jaffrey was murdered in broad day light.

Furthermore, the Mufti should visit places such as Karnataka, where Muslim girls have lost the legal battle against the Hijab ban, and Assam, where the government is closing down Madrasas and suppressing Islamic teachings. Similarly, he should see how Muslims in Uttar Pradesh need prior permission to offer prayers. He should see the detention centers are being built for Muslims in the same state.

He should also visit, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh other places where Muslim homes bulldozed for demanding justice and equal rights.

Some have argued that the Mufti's comments on secularism, justice, and equal rights are misplaced, given the situation in India. As a religious preacher, he should not spread false information or support oppressors, as this goes against the principles of Islam.

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Source:  Hindustan Times

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