Hindutva ideology a serious threat to world peace

LONDON: Speakers at a panel discussion have termed Hindutva ideology a threat to world peace and security and called upon the international community and the United Nations to play their role in tackling it.

A discussion on “Hindutva in London” was hosted by Raja Aijaz Ahmad Shaiq, Rehana Ali, Gurchuran Singh of Dal Khalsa, a Sikh organization.

The panelists said that the Hindutva ideology is dangerous not only for South Asia but for the whole world. 

Hindu organizations, including Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh (RSS), Bharatiya Janata Party and Vishva Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal etc., all are working for the same objective of furthering the Hindutva ideology.

The speakers said that the RSS and other Hindu extremist organizations believed in violent means for the Hindu supremacy and could go to any extent to impose their ideology.

The ideology of Hindutva was itself a threat to the survival of Hinduism and the Hindu society was also in grave danger due to the extremist organizations.

The very existence of India was in serious danger due to the extremism being pursued by the RSS and other extremist organizations.

These organizations consider Muslims and other minorities as an obstacle to India’s development and openly threaten them to convert to Hinduism or leave India. These extremist Hindu organizations have made the lives of Indian minorities miserable and they are forced to live like slaves.

The Hindutva organizations spread their tentacles beyond India. They are also active in the USA, Europe and is advancing its fascist ideology.

BJP was in fact the political wing of the RSS and was furthering its Hindutva ideology.

The BJP, under the ideology of RSS, had made the life of the Muslims of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir a hell and was using every brutal tactic to turn the Muslim majority of the territory into a minority.

The panelists urged the international community to take steps to curb the dangerous ideology of Hindutva, otherwise it could prove extremely disastrous not only for South Asia but for the entire world.

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Source:  Pakistan Today 

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