25, December 2022: The Hindutva militant organization Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) has threatened the schools not to make Hindu children Santa Claus during the Christmas celebrations in India.

In threat letters, which were written to all schools in Bhopal city, said students are being made Santa Claus in the Christmas celebrations in schools and they are also being asked to bring Christmas trees. “This is an attack on our Hindu culture, it is a conspiracy to inspire Hindu children to Christianity,” VHP’s threatening letter read.

“Our Hindu children should become Ram, Krishna, Shivaji and Mahavir all these should become, become revolutionary, and become great men, but should not become Santa,” it added.

It has also warned that if students were made Santa Claus without the permission of the parents, the VHP will take statutory legal action against that school.

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Source: KM News

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