Hackers from Malaysia and Indonesia launched cyber-attack on Modi government

Indian government websites were hacked by Muslim hacktivists

Coordinated cyber-attacks or cyber warfare targeting a country’s infrastructure, power grid, and its digital space are a real threat across the world.

Indian Police claim hackers’ groups from Malaysia and Indonesia launched ‘cyber war’ against India after Nupur Sharma controversy

According to Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Cell (ACCC) officials, the hackers’ groups had also publicized the phone number and addresses of Nupur Sharma on public websites.

In the wake of controversial statements made by former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma against the prophet, the hackers’ groups from different Muslim countries launched a “cyber warfare” against India by attacking government and private websites and databases.

After the Nupur Sharma incident, two hacker groups- ‘Dragon Force’ of Malaysia and ‘Hactivists of Garuda’ of Indonesia instigated Muslim hackers around the world to start cyber warfare against India.

More than 2000 websites of the union government, state governments, state police, universities and private enterprises in India were hacked.

The Cyber Crime Branch said the hackers had leaked confidential data such as government files, Aadhaar cards of a few, PAN card and passport details of some citizens and ID cards and personal details of some policemen of Andhra Pradesh.

News8 TV channel live broadcasting was superimposed by Pakistani flag.

Police website was hacked, ID cards and personal details of Andhra Pradesh Police personnel, personal details of Nupur Sharma, publicizing government databases including PAN cards and Adhaar cards’ such details posted on dark web.

In response to the sophisticated cyber-attack by Muslim hacktivists, Indian cyber authorities sought and found vulnerabilities in over 100 Indonesian government websites and 70 Malaysian websites.

This is a cunning way of Modi government, issuing a warning to those governments from where the cyber-attacks have been launched.

This is a warning softly delivered to Malaysia and Indonesian governments, “we are also capable of launching such attacks on you.”

Source: Indian Express | The Print | Devdiscourse

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