Madhya Pradesh a northern state of India, which is governed by the Hindutva political party Bhartiya Janata Party, known by its acronym BJP. 

Both the Chief Minister and the Governor, are from Narendra Modi’s political party BJP.

This news, is one week old, but it is surfaced on social media late on Tuesday, September 20 evening.

A Muslim family was brutally attacked by Hindutva supporting mob in Auria village.

Wajid Ali was traveling from his native Lalgaon, to visit their relatives. A crowd of Hindutva supporters, including women, stopped them, and questioned them about their identity and travel.

After the argument, the mob suddenly turned violent and launched attack on the family. 

Ali was tied to a bike and dragged, and his mother’s clothes were torn, and father was beaten up with sticks. 

The attackers raised usual Hindutva slogans, and the assault continued for an hour until Police saved them. 

India has seen a sharp increase in mob violence since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014. The country saw more than 35% of the world's mob violence in 2018 alone.

This is a result of the raise of the Hindutva political party, and the carefully cultivated religious intolerance by the Saffron Family. 

In today’s new India, which is planned by Hindutva, there is no place for visible Muslim.

Wajid, Ali and his family, are visible Muslims, all of them wear Muslim style dress, and Ali even has beard as well.

A thoughtfully crafted campaign is successfully motivating Hindutva supporters to unleash violence on Muslims who appear like a Muslim.

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