Hindutva follower kills a Muslim woman in France

France: 16, October: Nadia Hassade, a 47-year-old Hijabi mother of four children, was stabbed at least twenty-three times, all over her upper body and neck, close to a mosque in France.

As horrified as this must be to anyone reading, only one of these crimes had provoked a serious public reaction in France.

French investigative agencies identified her murderer, and surprisingly he was a French Indian that lived nearby. 

During the interrogation, the 21-year-old Indian origin, French national confessed to the investigators to be the author of the crime. And “Traces of blood” belonging to the victim were also found on the clothes seized from his accommodation.

But the Hindutva supporters in France has spread misinformation about him supposedly being a Pakistani Muslim. However, the neighbors of Nadia reported that he was a Hindu and that he was a supporter of Modi and India’s far-Right Extremism and Terrorism. 

The suspect, had no criminal record or known psychiatric history. He vaguely knew Nadia Hassade whom he met in the neighborhood. No specific motive is advanced at this stage of the investigation, other than Nadia being a visible Muslim. 

Nadia worked at the Atlantic Health Polyclinic as a maintenance worker. Her funeral takes place this Thursday in Nantes. 

Hindutva infiltrated in US, UK and this incident in France confirms that Modi government exporting the far-right extremism and terrorism to the world. 

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Source:  Muslim Skeptic  |   Paudal

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