Watch if you are paying any Hindutva employee

Durgadas Sisupalan. A diehard follower of Far-Right Extremism and Terrorism (FRET) ideology and a member of Hindutva organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

His recent job termination from Qatar is one more example that many anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic Hindutva ideologists living and earning from Arab countries, but their hearts and minds filled with hate against Islam and Muslims.

He was one of the anti-Muslim hatemonger living in Arab countries, Mr. Durgadas has been terminated from his employment in Qatar, after his anti-Muslim comments. In a video clip of Durgadas asking the question went viral on social media Durgadas was seen asking a question at a Hindu event, claiming that “Muslim groups recruit Nurses, for the purpose of sex slavery for terrorists.”

The speakers in the same event also called upon the Hindu community to boycott Muslim businesses.

This is the first time a Christian outfit was participated in the Hindutva event.

Similarly, the anti-Muslim filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, who made “The Kashmir Files,” was the chief guest at the event.

Union minister V Muraleedharan, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leaders J Nandakumar and Valsan Thillankeri and Vishva Hindu Parishad state president Viji Thampi spoke in various sessions at the event.

A senior politician from Kerala P C George was also given hate speech in the same event against Muslims. He was arrested by the local police, but was able to get bail immediately on the same day, whereas hundreds of Muslims languishing in jails for years, for a simple social media posts.

PC George was also pointed towards Muslim businessman M. A. Yusuff Ali’s Lulu Mall in “Hindu dominated region” Thiruvananthapuram. Advising Hindus not to buy from the Lulu Hypermarket.

Hate mongers of Jantar Mantar, Delhi, Kerala is granted bail on top priority while Muslim students, journalists are suffering in jail from years.

United Nurses of India Qatar (UNIQ) a nurses’ association of Qatar has complained to Qatar authorities seeking action against Durgadas. Some Indian Muslims and associates of 12ummah.com amplified the hate speech on social media.

After his termination, Durgadas on a Facebook Live claimed he had been working in the Gulf for about 20 years and had been a “proud member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for about 30 years.”

Durgadas also alleged that “certain anti-India forces are behind my removal, and I want a detailed probe by the Narendra Modi government.’’

Durgadas was spotted multiple times with many key Hindutva leaders and politicians including Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath and defence minister Rajnath Singh with pictures of them on Das’s Facebook page.

In another words he is threatening all those Indians who came together to shed light on his anti-Muslim hate. There is no surprise if Indian government, including the Indian Embassy in Qatar if they take cany action against those Indians.

The firm he worked in Qatar has presence in Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Dubai, and Durgadas earned millions of Riyals and contributed to the anti-Muslim activities of Hindutva.

In 2019 nearly 42 individuals were deported from Arab countries, some of them with jail sentence for insulting Muslims and Islam. Eventually Indian authorities in Gulf countries openly advised it’s citizens to avoid speaking aglint Muslims and Islam.

It is time for Arabs to investigate if they have any anti-Muslim employee working in their companies and using that money against Islam and Muslims.

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