Kausar Bano belly was slashed and foetus hauled out by a sword

“What they did to Hina Kausar Bano was horrific and heinous. She was nine months pregnant. They cut open her belly, took out her fetus with a sword and threw it into a blazing fire. Then they burnt her as well.”

Source: Saira Banu, Naroda Patia (recorded at the Shah-e-Alam Camp on March 27th, 2002).

While Bilkis Bano was one chilling story and Kausar Bano is another the goriest stories during Narendra Modi rule in Gujarat.

Kausar Bano was one of the worst that came out of the 2002 Gujarat riots. It happened twenty years ago, but the gory details of this horrific incident shocks our minds even today.

“Those who did this to my wife were not humans, even demons would have felt ashamed, but they didn't.” said Kausar Bano’s husband Firoz said.

He recalled that he was coming home from work for lunch that afternoon of February 28, 2002, but couldn't enter the narrow by lane of Naroda Patiya as it was blocked by more than 600 to 700 Hindutva goons near the Noorani Masjid.

"Some Muslims were running out screaming 'riots,' and Noorani Masjid burning. I froze that moment... did not know what to do. I just wanted to save Hina as I knew she couldn't run from there. Three-four times I tried to enter, but failed. She was raped outside our house by Hindutva goons, pulling out her clothes in the street. She was totally helpless because of her pregnancy."

Five other members of Firoz's family was also killed on same day, including his sister and one of his uncles as well as Kausar's brother Zahid's wife and two children.

Hindutva assailants didn't just take away his wife and unborn child, but also his whole life, said Feroz.

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Source:  Indian Express   |   Youth Ki Awaz

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