BJP government is on revenge mode - Wakf Board could be suspended soon

Bengaluru, September 6 (Special Report: by Rizwanullah Khan)

Hindus Lord Ganpati idol was installed at Eidgah ground in Hubbali-Dharwad on Wednesday after the Karnataka High Court upheld authorities' decision to allow the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi at the ground. But the decision was challenged in Supreme Court of India by Waqf Board a Muslim council.

Hearing the case, The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked to maintain the status quo by both the parties- Karnataka Waqf Board and Bhartiya Janata Party government in the matter of the Hindu festival celebrations inside the Eidgah ground.

It is allegedly reported that Karnataka government is not happy with the efforts made by Waqf Board to stop the celebration of Hindu festival inside the Muslim Eidgah land.

Now the Bhartiya Janata Party government is making attempts to target the “Waqf Board” what have been confirmed in high government bodies and it is now believed that the government can supersede the Waqf Board at any time.   

Karnataka state government of BJP, which was doing everything possible to provide an opportunity to organize Hindu celebrations inside Eidgah, was shocked by the decision of the Supreme Court.

It seems that the state government is taking revenge on Waqf Board of Karnataka State after the Supreme Court's order to maintain the status quo at the Eidgah ground.

Top sources in the Waqf Board of Karnataka State, have confirmed the government's vindictive attitude towards the board, saying that the state administration had already threatened Shafi Saadi, chairman of the Waqf Board, in the Chamrajpet Eidgah case. The ‘Waqf Board’ should act according to the stand of the state government, otherwise the board will be superseded, and now the state administration, allegedly, is all set to implement its given threatens.

Sources also said that when the ‘Waqf Board’ was preparing to approach the Supreme Court in the Eidgah matter, the state Chief minister Bomai himself called the Waqf Board Chairman three to four times. But when he did not receive the call, later the Chief Minister contacted the Chairman of the Wakf Board and expressed his anger and warned him not to approach the Supreme Court in the Eidgah case. (As reported by sahilonline newspaper).

Zameer Ahmed Khan Member of Legislative Assembly, from Chamrajpet also filed another petition in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Central Muslim Association of Karnataka (CMA) overnight. As he was fearing that in political pressure may be Waqf Board will not continue the legal fight against case.

However, the petition of the Waqf Board was maintained and the Supreme Court refused to allow the organization in Chamrajpet Eidgah based on the CMA's petition.

Ganesh Chaturthi was not allowed by Supreme Court of India But it seems that Karnataka state government of BJP has become like a wounded tiger after this decision and it is said that it was decided during discussions with senior ministers of state that for this, an unforgettable lesson should be taught to ‘Waqf Board’.

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Source:  Sahil OnlineTimes Now

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