Hindutva Activists said: “I Will Get a Bulldozer and Razing the Masjids”

In a speech delivered by right-wing hardliner Kajal Ben Shingala, alias Kajal Hindustani, has called for the demolition of certain local Islamic structures, including an ancient dargah located in the city the Morbi city of Gujarat.

The event, at which hundreds were present, was also attended by anti-Islamic journalist and Hindutva advocate Pushpendra Kulshrestha as chief guest.

Claiming in her speech that she has the support of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) for the demolition.

The Muslim community of Morbi, in a letter to the local Police, has raised a complaint against the communal remarks by Kajal.

“Ms Kajal, a member of Jai Ambe group, was seen giving a speech about Muslims and destroying masjids and dargahs with bulldozers. This speech has been forwarded on social media and reached people not only in Morbi but in the whole India, and has been spreading hate and disrupting the peace here," the letter states.

The police, when approached by the media, declined from commenting on the matter. No action has been taken against Kajal or the event organizers for the inflammatory speech so far.

Further, there was no statement has been made in this relation by the VHP, RSS or Modi.

Kajal, who is followed by PM Modi on Twitter, has been stirring controversy through her Twitter account that is seen as inflammatory by many.

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Source:  The Quint

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