Supreme court said no, high court gave permission for idol worship in prayer ground

A Hindu deity idol was installed inside the Eidgah ground in a district of Karnataka.

Karnataka High Court granted permission to Hindutva groups to install the Ganesh idol for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

The Karnataka High Court, in a late-night hearing on Tuesday, upheld the authorities' decision to allow the idol at the Eidgah ground.

Details about the case

All India Muslim Federation (AIMF) a constituent of National Public Council (NPC) National Convener MA Mujeeb, allege judiciary is being highjacked by the new breed of the black-sheep in higher judiciary with an aim to promote anti-Muslim agenda of Hindutva.

He said in response to illegal and inconsistent order of the Karnataka High Court allowing Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations on the Eidgah ground, can proceed as planned, by Karnataka High Court in its midnight proceedings, turning down a petition filed after the Supreme Court ordered a freeze in case.

When the Supreme Court gave clear cut interim stay order over the matter, there was no necessity for the Karnataka High Court’s single judge to act over and against the Supreme Court order, said Mujeeb.

The midnight order of the Karnataka High Court allowing Ganesh Festival in Eidgah ground is unjust, unlawful and against the spirit of the constitution Mujeeb said.

More than 20,000 Hindus visited the Idgah ground to celebrate their festival

There is another ground where usually these celebrations are taking place. But this time the celebration committee (Hindutva group) requested permission specifically inside the Eidgah ground.

In July 2022 in Tripura a Hindu temple was setup overnight inside the Muslim grave yard.
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