Hindutva in Britain said Masjids promotes terrorist ideologies

Not only do Hindutva organizations shut down madrasas and demolish mosques in India, but they also oppose mosques and other Muslim educational institutions worldwide.

Hindutva is against Muslim places of worship worldwide yet wants to construct their own temples in Muslim countries.

Thousands of residents of a largely Hindu area of Leicester, in United Kingdom have objected to a proposed Muslim prayer hall and education center.

Supporters of the Islamic education center insist it is not a mosque; however, opponents say it will harm the community.

When the Muslim community tries to convert a warehouse into a nursery and education facility, more than 1,435 letters of objection have been sent to planning officials, and 3,569 people signed a petition against the plan.

It is the same area where a Muslim youth was beaten up by 30 drunk Hindutva supporters over cricket match, three days ago.

As experts said, the psychological virus of Hindutva is spreading beyond India.  With hundreds of different organizational names, Hindutva established its presence all over the world.

Last year Hindutva support group held a demonstration in the United Kingdom to pour their venom against the Pakistani community, which is an attempt by the Hindutva groups to attack Muslims across the world.

The protest was termed an effort to create an Islamophobic atmosphere in the UK which is rapidly growing in India. The speakers tried to stir sentiments against the Pakistani community living in the UK and announced a boycott of the restaurants run by Pakistanis.

However, locals have expressed their serious concerns over the efforts of the Indian government to export Hindutva abroad.

More than 32 million Indians or people of Indian origin live overseas, according to the government, and this diaspora has been considered a model community, achieving financial and professional success in many countries.

What seems to be happening is that Hindu chauvinism, or Hindutva, is spreading through the diaspora, pushed by Indian political movements, now that it has already come to dominate the nation's own political discourse. This is bad news for Indian communities abroad, the nations they live in and India itself.

The traditional image of the Indian diaspora, a professional, law-abiding and apolitical group, is changing fast. The new trend of host countries noticing and taking action against Islamophobic social media activism by the Hindu diaspora has further added to this concern.

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