13 December 2022: This is a good example that shows how much Hindutva hates Islam and Muslims in India.

A railway station in Karnataka has green color paint. Hindutva groups started a protest to change the green walls to some other color.

Islam has long been associated with the color green. Green was our beloved Messenger’s (SAW) favorite color. Green is mentioned several times in the Qur’an, including in describing the clothes that the believers will wear in Jannah (Al-Kahf:31; Al-Insan:21), gardens therein (Ar-Rahman:64) and the cushions on which believers will lie (Ar-Rahman:76).

Hindutva ideology is erasing Islam from the earth, or at least trying to erase.

As a result, they hate and object everything that represents Islam, be it the hijab, masjid, beard, madrasa, Muslim food, you name it.

Hindutva activists stated that the railway station building “must be painted with any color other than green, yellow, red, blue anything but not green.”

Hindutva groups warned authorities if the green color was not removed within 15 days, the total railway station would be painted in saffron color.

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