20 January 2023: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided a home in Kerala. The raid, began at four in the morning at the residence of a former member of a recently banned group Popular Front of India (PFI).

The police raids during late night hours were a violation of the fundamental right to privacy. Such sudden raids during odd hours of night, disrupting the peaceful sleep of a family and disturbs the neighbors as well.

This became a general pattern seen in many cases with investigating agencies and Police.

The investigating officers presented the court order to raid the house of Muslims.

Then the police can book any Muslim on suspicion of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, popularly known as UAPA.

This particular law is selectively used on Muslims in which there is no bail. If arrested it is difficult to see the outside world unless some miracle happens.

UAPA is a controversial law as it permits the government to declare individuals and groups as "terrorists" without following the proper procedures and permits incarceration without charge for up to 180 days.

Similarly, human rights organizations have criticized the UAPA for lacking court monitoring in the process of classifying people and groups as "terrorists" as well as for its expansive and ambiguous definition of "unlawful actions."

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Source:  Maktoob Media

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