UP: Muslim woman shot dead by police while resisting her son’s detention in cow slaughter case

A 53-year-old Muslim woman, named Roshni who resisted her son’s detention in a cow slaughter case, allegedly died in police firing at Islamnagar village in Uttar Pradesh’s Sidhharthnagar district on late Saturday night.

Roshni’s son Atirqur Rehman said to New Indian Express that around 15-20 police officers reached their house on Saturday night and tried to take his brother Abdul Rehman into custody without giving any reason. When Roshni resisted the police, one of the cops opened fire in which she sustained a bullet injury due to which she died on the spot.

The police came with a special operations group.

The police also took away Abdu Rehman despite the protests by villagers.

The deceased’s family was busy doing preparations for the wedding of Roshni’s daughter Rabia scheduled for 22 May, the newspaper reported. Abdul Rehman arrived from Mumbai on 9 May to attend his sister’s marriage.

“They fired. My mother was hit by a bullet,” Abdu Rehman told reporters outside a local hospital where his mother was declared dead.

    A Muslim woman shot dead by Siddharthnagar UP Police for resisting illegal and arbitrary arrest of her son, who came to attend his sister's wedding, which was fixed to happen next week. pic.twitter.com/OVX15tDFeh
    — Amir Sherwani (@Amir_Sherwani) May 16, 2022

After the police killing, the villagers protested against the police action. The massive protest forced the police party to flee.

“They shot her and fled. They didn’t even pick her up,” Rehman said.

Following the outrage, an FIR has been lodged on a complaint by the son of the deceased. Siddharth Nagar police on Sunday lodged an FIR against unidentified policemen on charges of murder. The complaint alleged that police personnel first threatened to shoot Roshni when she tried to rescue her son and later opened fire.

The body of the deceased was handed over to the family members after post-mortem.

“There was a bullet injury mark as the bullet passed through her body. I am yet to go through the post-mortem report,” Siddharth Nagar circle officer Pradeep Kumar Yadav said to Indian Express.

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