Erasing the history, demolishing cultural identities, is to wipe out Islam from India

Erasing Mosques is part of the larger strategy of Hindutva, to wipe out Islam from Indian history.

Similarly, building Temples all over the world, especially in Arab lands is also part of the same strategy to revive Hinduism all over the world.

Most of the Arabs and Muslim world remember the name Triputa.

Yes, it is the same Tripura where a Muslim man with a stick in his hand chasing police, was shot dead by police, then a Hindutva supporting photographer stomped his body with deadly kicks and punches.

The Muslim man by name Moinul Huque was trying to protect his family and house being demolished by Police.

Yes, it is the same Tripura where police used Elephants to demolish Muslim houses.

In Delhi, Khargone, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan government use Bulldozers to demolish Muslim houses, but in Tripura it was Elephants.

Sure, you’ve not seen such brutality in any part of the world, except India the country claws of Hindutva through Narendra Modi.

After Muslim houses brutally evicted, and Madrasas were legally closed down, now under the protection of Assam BJP government, Hindutva supporters even occupied Muslim gave yard.

Local Muslims said there has been a cemetery in that area for a long time. Hindus and Muslims have lived here in peace for decades, but Hindutva goons try to disturb the harmony between them.

According to Muslims in the area, a Shiv Ling was installed at the site and a banner of the Hindu Yuva Vahini (Hindu Youth Army) Tripura Pradesh was set up right in front of the temple. Locals claimed that the entire temple was set up overnight to fuel communal feelings.

Muslims doesn’t have any option than to protest. But Hindutva government labeled the protest as ‘Communal Tension’ and deployed heavy police, to protect the Shiva Temple and imposed 144 section as well.

Hundreds of people including large number of women from the Muslim community blocked the bypass road connecting GB hospital and Khayerpur in protest against the capture of their graveyard where on a Shiv temple was allegedly erected overnight by the Hindu Yuva Vahini.

One of the protesters, Noor Islam said: “A Hindutva group came with bulldozer to demolish the boundary wall of the cemetery, we filed a complaint with local police with all the documents. But on the same night Hindu Yuva Vahini installed a Shiva Linga, and now it is difficult for police to remove once installed Shiva Linga.

It is almost impossible to remove such Hindu idols installed in India.

One good example is Bhagya Lakshmi Temple at the pillar of Charminar. An accident preventing stone installed in 60’s today became a big temple.

Recently Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, the militant Priest of Hindutva, Yogi Aditya Nath offered prayers at Bhagya Lakshmi Temple. Which sends strong signals of the bad days for the historical monument Charminar.

Similarly in San Francisco, a traffic stone in a public park became Hindu temple today. A 4 feet high and bullet shaped stone, was placed in the park a few years ago by a city crane operator. People who believed in Hinduism saw this and started worshiping in the form of Shiv Ling.

Since it was in United States, it was possible by authorities to remove the worshipping stone, but in India it is next to impossible to remove such stones. Hindutva using exactly same emotional attachment to erase Muslim history during their rule.

It is only international community have the power to stop this anti-Islamic ideology.

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Source: Ground Report | NDTV | North East Today | Indian Express