Member of Parliament from Modi’s party, calls for 'total boycott' of Muslims

BJP MP Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma has sparked a huge controversy by his call for a "total boycott" in a speech aimed at Muslims.

Verma said: "They keep opening businesses and you don't need to buy vegetables, fish or meat from them (Muslims). They open fish-meat shops, call the municipal corporation to close them if they don't have license.”

Verma orders the people of Delhi to financial boycott Muslims. 
Another member of parliament (MP) from Modi’s party said: "Our beautiful city has become a city for pigs," (referring to Muslims).

The latest hate speech controversy comes at a time when India has been trying to fend off bad press, especially at the global level, over how it has been treating its large Muslim population.

The US government's commission on religious freedom had in June asked the Biden administration to categories India and 11 other nations as "countries of particular concern" in the context of religious freedom. India called the report "biased and inaccurate".

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Source:  NDTV 

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