Kaba was a Hindu temple and stolen by Muslims

A news, published on unpopular websites claiming that a Hindu sage seems submitted an appeal to International Court demanding investigation in Makkah.

Mahant Bajrang Muni Udasin, priest of the Badi Sangat Ashram in Uttar Pradesh. It is the same sage who threated mass sexual violence against Muslim women in the presence of the Police standing in front of Mosque.

He also raised the slogan of "jab mulle kaate jayenge ram ram chillaayenge” (When Muslims are cut into pieces, then they’ll shout ‘Ram Ram’).

The argument of the sage is, “Islamic scholars themselves confirm that Makkah was once a place idol worshipping. When Mecca was Hindu city, then somewhere it seems to us that the temple of Lord Shiva is established in Makkah too. Therefore, it should be investigated by the archaeological team.”

He said, “Today I have written a letter to the International Court, demanding that an investigation be conducted by the archaeological team of Mekka-Medina. May the truth appear to us like Gyanvapi, like Ayodhya, like Atala and like Bhojshala.”

There has been a sharp increase in Hindu claims over Islamic and Muslim religious structures, since Modi came to power, now the claims reaching beyond India.

In 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 Hindu Vahini (a member of Hindutva group) constantly publishing photograph of Makkah as a Hindu Temple in their calendar.  

A Hindu website hari bhakt (dot) com hast lot of claims over Makkah, Madina, Hijre Aswad, Ehram, Makam e-Ibrahim etc. Click here to see their claims.

This may sound comic for Muslims, Arabs in particular, but it is a very serious objective of Hindutva. Once Indian Muslims neglected when similar claims made over Mosques and places of Muslims in India, but today they’re fulfilling those claims.

Technically speaking Hindutva is not against Indian Muslims, in-fact crushing Indian Muslim is about Hindutva victory over Islam. If Hindutva can defeat the second largest Muslim population in their own country, they can win over Islam outside India. That is the strategy of of Hindutva growing from India with it’s tentacles reaching to Arab lands.

Hindutva stronghold is growing in Arab countries. Hindutva organisations are informally active in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and even Saudi Arabia.

Since registered organisations are not allowed, the groups actively gathering in homes of the members behind the curtains of social and cultural activities.

Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) the organisation assassinated Mahatma Gandhi and is the same organisation which is mother of all other Hindutva organisations, is on a mission to strengthen their presence in the Middle East, through UAE.

The poster boy of BJP Tejasvi Surya, who insulted Arab women, also Tweeted proudly Around the same time, “A temple in Abu Dhabi. Next in Saudi?" A trending hashtag available on social media #HinduAwakening which means Hindus are Waking up to conquer the world.

Time for Muslims to wake up before it is too late.

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