Communal Clashes in Mewat: Muslim Majority Defends Itself

31 July 2023: In a distressing turn of events, Mewat district of Haryana witnessed communal tensions. Clashes broke out between Hindutva members and the Muslim community during a VHP religious procession. The incident resulted in four casualties, including two home guards and an imam, identified as Maulana Mohmmad Saad. One Mosque was also burnt.

The Muslim population of Mewat district, is 79.2%. Muslims learned about a possible attack during the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) procession. And prepared for their defense. Reports reveal that prominent criminals’ leaders of the militant organization Bajrang Dal, Bittu Bajarangi and Monu Manesar, released video messages. Urging Hindutva members to participate in the procession in large numbers.

The procession went peacefully without any disturbance. This seems disappointed Hindutva groups. According eyewitness accounts, Hindutva activists were seen filling their cars with stones, while returning. Then stone-pelting started on Hindu homes and vehicles. That leading to attacks on Muslims, who retaliated in defense.

Disturbingly, it was evident that this procession was not a spontaneous. But rather a preplanned scheme by Hindutva groups. Social media posts and videos shown Hindutva members carrying guns in the procession. According to the locals, the goons reportedly came from neighboring areas, such as Faridabad, Gurugram, and Panvel.

The Muslims majority in numbers, combined with their prior knowledge of the Hindutva plan, helped them to defend with minimum loss. However, this has left them living in fear of further retaliation and possible bulldozing of their homes.

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the fact that Haryana state is currently ruled by a Hindutva political party.

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Source:   Business Today    |    India Today    |    The Hindu

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