Members of Hindutva group Bajrang Dal held a protest and disturbed salah by recited the Hindu chants at Bhopal's Mall on 27 August.

Hindutva group objecting staff members offering the namaz in a corner of the mall. As result the mall management decided not to allow any religious activity inside the mall.

So Muslim staff can’t pray inside the mall premises and they’re not allowed to go out during duty hours.

Bajarang Dal members says they have got information of “all this happening regularly”. The mall security officer tries to explain them the reality that, that there is a place inside the mall Hindu staff prays too.   

But the Bajrang Dal men insist the namaz is being done “in stealth”, taking pictures and videos. Then they sit on the floor near an escalator in the center of the mall, and raise “Jai Sri Ram” slogans, besides reciting some Hindu prayers.

Subsequently, the mall management has issued an advisory that no religious activities be allowed inside the mall premises.

The nearest Mosque in the area is around a kilometer away and it is not allowed to go out while on the duty so the mall staff used to pray in a corner of the mall which is not disturbing the customers.

Hindutva protest against salah can be seen in this video

Bajrang Dal leader Abhijeet Singh Rajput, who led the protesters, can be seen in the video questioning “is this mall built to offer Muslim salah?”

He said he have been receiving complaints about this salah inside the mall, and today they came and captured 10 to 12 people offering namaz inside the mall.

He also said, “We spoke to the security supervisors and warned them to stop the practice, or the Bajrang Dal members will recite Hanuman Chalisa and Sundar Kand (a part of Ramayana).”

A similar controversy was seen at a mall in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh some weeks ago, and was later resolved by banning any kind of religious prayers on the premises.

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Source:  NDTV  

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