Raja Singh's supporters demand his release despite he dishonoured Prophet Muhammad SAW

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After insulting Prophet Muhammad SAW, politician from Modi’s party became hero now.

Supporters of BJP leader Raja Singh took the Ganesh Visarjan program to highlight their demand for the release of their leader on Friday.

At Charminar, the controversial song ‘Baap Bolte’ sung by the BJP leader T Raja Singh was played on the DJ system by the Ganesh Samithi.

Hindu procession at Charminar, Hyderabad

Hindu youngsters including girls danced to the songs in front of the Mecca Masjid while the procession passed on the road. The Ganesh idol was well decorated with fruits.

Even in a state where BJP is not in power, the police remained mute spectators to the song and the music.

In the evening some more vehicles were found playing the same controversial songs in Begum Bazaar and Lal Darwaza during the procession.

Raja Singh, anti-Muslim, politician and member of Modi’s party

On some vehicles that were a part of the procession, the supporters of Raja Singh displayed his picture with the caption “We Support Raja Singh”. However, no slogans were raised in support of the MLA or demanding his release.

Insulting Islam and Muslims is from the play book of Bhartiya Janta Party.

The BJP authorities not only refused to punish these provocateurs but also used all of the government power to prevent Muslims from defending themselves. Indeed, Muslim men who stood up to these mobs were swiftly arrested and their properties bulldozed by authorities.

Raja Singh welcoming Modi in Hyderabad

And beyond casually and regularly making Islamophobic comments, and supporting the violent Islamophobia of their supporters, BJP leaders have also passed countless Islamophobic and discriminatory policies and laws in the past few years.

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