Police arrested 17 Muslim travellers for offering Salah beside the road

A group of men from West Bengal were handed over to police by Vishwa Hindu Parishad members for offering namaz on the roadside.

The incident took place on Sunday (18 September) evening but came to light after its videos surfaced on social media on Tuesday (20 September). 

The group was traveling from West Bengal to Rajasthan's Ajmer.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur district caught the group of Muslim and made them to apologize for offering namaz by the roadside.

In the video, the VHP members can be heard asking the Muslim travelers to hold their ears and apologize. And, a video clip was also made when the Muslims were apologizing by holding their ears, and doing sit-ups.

The police reached the information and brought all the worshipers to the police station. Where 17 Namazis and the bus who offered Namaz were given fine. 

Namazis spent their night in the police station, and left for Ajmer in the morning.

Local VHP leader Rajesh Awasthi, who reported the matter to police, said, “I was on my way to some place when I saw some men offering namaz on the roadside.”

Additional Superintendent of Police, Sanjeev Vajpayee, told reporters, “Seventeen people, who were on their way to Ajmer, were brought to the Tilhar police station with the complaint that they were offering namaz on the roadside. These people were released after they gave a written apology and were issued a challan.”

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Source:  Times of India 

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