Headmaster harassed for asking students to write essay on Prophet Muhammed

The activists of Sri Rama Sene barged into the school and heckled headmaster Abdul Munafar Bijapur.

The headmaster of a government school in Karnataka’s Gadag district was allegedly heckled by activists of Sri Rama Sene, a Hindutva outfit, Tuesday (27 September) after he asked the students to write an essay on Prophet Muhammed SAWS. 

The activists also accused the headmaster of facilitating religious conversion with the students.

According to the school administration, “Every month there are at least one or two events held where we conduct competitions. We have held programmers and essay competitions on Kanaka Dasa, Purandara Dasa and other popular personalities in the past. These essay competitions are held to introduce the students to these personalities and to help them improve their handwriting.”

The topic of the essay did not go down well with a section of parents who alleged that it was a way of the headmaster ‘imposing Islam’ on kids.

One of the agitated parents approached the Hindutva activist group Sri Ram Sene. 

On receiving the complaint, the Hindutva group barged into school and hackled the headmaster in front of some 100 odd students.

The matter has been raised with the state education department. The education department has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

The activists of Ram Sene accused the headmaster of trying to facilitate religious conversion. And demanded that Abdul Munafar Bijapur, the principal of the Government High School in Nagavi village, resign from his post and accused him of converting students’ religions.

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