Anti-Muslim organization Bajrang Dal launches ‘Join Bajrang Dal’ campaign, targets millions of youths

On the lines of ‘Join RSS’, its affiliate organisation Bajrang Dal on Thursday launched the ‘Join Bajrang Dal’ campaign across India. 

Youth between age group of 15 to 35 years is the target, and the aim is to enroll at least a million members across India in the months to come.

Hindutva leaders said that it will help the Hindu youth take proactive contributions to the cause of promoting and sustaining Hindutva agenda, against Islam and Muslims.

Interested youth can go to any of their offices or log on to our website, and office-bearers and workers of Bajrang Dal will connect with the applicants. Based on their interest, abilities, skills and how much time they can spare, some organisational work will be allotted to them.

Hindutva organisations wants to expand their anti-Muslim campaigns targeting Mosques, Muslim Food, Clothing, Trade etc., to spread hate against Islam and Muslims and then dehumanize the community.

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Source:  The Hindu

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