Buy guns, not mobile phones, Hindutva advice to Hindu youth

Hindutva leaders in Uttar Pradesh have appealed Hindus to purchase guns and not mobiles. 

“If you are a true Hindu, take a vow to protect your religion. So, instead of purchasing a new mobile, purchase a gun,” said Hindutva leaders.

They said that all Hindu Gods and Goddesses have arms to protect the society and religion from evils. “If Hindu Gods have arms, what’s wrong if we (Hindus) get arms and ammunition? These are not for attack but to defend ourselves,” said the leaders.

They did not specify who the "evil" is, but it is understandable that they refer to Muslims.

The statement of Bajrang Dal came at a time when the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has launched a massive enrolment campaign where volunteers were enrolled in Bajrang Dal at special camps held across Uttar Pradesh.

At present, there are around 10 million active Bajrang Dal members in the country and the target was to increase it to 40 million. In UP alone, the target of the Sangh Parivar is to enroll 1.2 million new Bajrang Dal members.

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Source:  National Herald India

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