Hindutva ideology hates anything that resembles Islam

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party Bhartiya Janta Party is filled with hate against Islam and Muslims.

One of his party member and parliamentarian Pratap Simha not accepting a symbol that represents Islam under their government. Simha demanded to bulldoze a public bus-stop of which the roof is made of domes. 

Simha said, “I’ve seen it on social media. The bus stand has two domes, a big one in the middle and a small one beside it. That’s a masjid only.”

“I’ve told engineers to demolish the structure in three-four days. If they don’t, I will take a JCB and demolish it by myself.”

Simha added that if any symbolism is to be installed in the structures in the city, it should be of Goddess Chamundeshwari and having these sorts of domes where a symbolic representation of a mosque is not allowed.

Simha had earlier said that students wearing hijab should go to madrassa should not come to schools or collages.  

Simha had also raised strong objections over the birthday celebrations of Tipu Sultan.

Tipu Sultan was the first sword that stood against British, the first freedom fighter long before Gandhi.  

Since Tipu Sultan was a Muslim, Hindutva leaders like Simha termed him as anti-national. Simha said that Tipu Sultan could be a "role model only for Islamists." 

The hate is ignited by the Modi government against Islam and Muslims, may not be possible to bring it down.

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Source:  NDTV   |    India Today    |    Outlook

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