Hindu outfits approached high court to evacuate Jamia Masjid

Karnataka, 17 Nov 2022: The Karnataka Hindutva group/s has filed a petition in the High Court to vacate the Jamia Mosque in Srirangapatna, Mandya district.

Demolishing mosques is part of a larger strategy to erase Islamic history from India under the #ReclaimingTemples campaign.

They even re-writing the history to erase thousands of Historical Mosques from India.

The petition to the high court says, “There are traces of Hindu gods and temple structure in the Jamia Mosque. Hence, the mosque should be vacated immediately and also, Hindu devotees should be allowed to take bath in the Kalyani (sacred water body) located in the premises of the mosque.”

The petition was filed by 108 Hanuman devotees including the State president and secretaries of the Hindutva organisations.

The mosque authorities have already made several appeals to concerned authorities to protect the Jamia mosque from Hindu activists.

Narendra Modi Vichar Manch (Narendra Modi Think Tank) had made submissions to authorities for survey of the mosque, and maintain that they strongly believe with evidence that Jamia masjid was built after razing down Hanuman temple.

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Source:  Muslim Mirror    |    Deccan Herald

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