A mobile billboard truck emblazoned with anti-Muslim images that drove around the state of New Jersey and parked outside at least three Islamic centers last weekend was a deliberate attempt to intimidate and demonize Islam and Muslims.

According to CCTV footage, the truck was parked outside the entrance of the mosque and flashed scenes of explosions, names and faces of suspects responsible for the attacks and other messages of hate for 45 minutes.

One of the signs on the rotating billboard read: "Mumbai 26/11: We won't forgive. We won't forget." Another read: "Men, women and children or elderly, no one was spared by Islamic terrorists who entered India via sea on a boat."

The intent behind this incident is clear, the perpetrators trying to revive the subsided islamophobia on the US soil once again. 

Earlier in August there was a bulldozer paraded on the streets of New Jersy. Bulldozers have become symbols of oppression in India, particularly against Indian Muslim minorities. 

A bulldozer with photos of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a placard with the words “Baba ka bulldozer.” (Baba is a moniker often used for Adityanath).

When such act was widely condemned by US authorities and an investigation imposed on the Hindutva group in New Jersy. The Hindu American community in New Jersey has put up billboards in several parts of the state, urging the Democratic Party “Stop its bigotry against Hindu community.” The 10 billboards, which have been put up in five counties in the north and central New Jersey, will be displayed for 10 days.

As per the local media that the move is “a retaliation against the rise of anti-Hindutva which is triggered by a resolution passed by the Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee (TDMC), which sent shockwaves in the peaceful Nj communities.  

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