Hyderabad 9 December 2022: Taking their anti-Muslim rhetoric of ‘Halal Jihad’ to the next level, Hindu groups in the city are holding an awareness program to ‘explain’ the concept to Hindu businessmen and the community members.

Hindutva groups are raising ‘concerns’ over the Halal products that are gaining wide acceptance globally. Public representatives of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) have raised concerns over the halal products as they feel it is denting Hindu businesses to great extent.

Halal meat refers to a (Islamic) form of slaughtering animals for consumption, and the slaughter is carried out with the utterance of a prayer.

Anything that related to Islam is the target of Hindutva.

Hindutva Radicals constructed an anti-Islamic Hindu civil religion through religious rituals. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is one of the most dangerous aggressive militant organizations founded on Hindutva ideology.

In addition to promulgating their ideology in society, they also provided military training and spread it in India by constantly opening new offices.

Demolishing Mosques, abolishing madrasas, banning hijab and halal food, objections to salah and azan all are part of a larger strategy. The strategy to eliminate Islam from India, then duplicate the same on rest of the world.

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Source:  The Wire

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