23, December 2022, the restriction to salah in public places has returned again after several months.

The congregation of Jumah prayer came out from the mosque premises into the empty open area, which was interrupted by Bajrang Dal activists.

As soon as Muslims started sitting in open area outside the Mosque, Hindutva groups rushed to the area and forcefully removed Muslims from the area.

The Bajrang Dal activists chased away the Muslims and did not allow them to hold Friday prayers on the ground.

The police force has been deployed at the spot after the incident was reported. The police also supported the Bajrang Dal and advised Muslims not to offer prayer outside the Mosque. Additional police forces are being deployed to prevent disputes and violence from erupting.

The chief minister of the state Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar said, “Salah in open places should not be allowed. This practice of offering salah which has been done in the open will not be tolerated at all.”

It is notable that the incidents of salah in open places were reduced since Modi became prime minister.

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Source:  Times of India   |    NDTV

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