16 January 2023: The Hindutva organization’s education wing, Vidya Bharati, is planning to set up an Army school, where children will be trained in military warfare techniques, in Uttar Pradesh.

Speaking on this, the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhlish Yadav, said that the state already had an Army school and “what is the need to have a separate Army school run by the RSS in the state? What is their motive behind this?”

“This plan is suspicious. It will incur Rs 40 crore ($400 million) expenditure. What is the point of setting up a private Army school different from the national line?” he said.

“Children in such schools will learn about mob lynching, anti-social activity and hatred because the RSS is opening this school to fulfil its agenda,” he said.

“They are competing with the government schools. They have some hidden agenda. This was the reason behind the first home minister banning the RSS. After the ban was lifted, they floated different wings to carry out their activities,” he said, adding, “This is a national conspiracy.”

The RSS has strongly advocated for military education and training at the school level.

Balakrishna Shivram Moonje, popularly known as BS Moonje, travelled to Italy, where he spent three months with fascist leader Benito Mussolini.  

Mussolini given a guided tour on the militarization of society through organizations.

BS Moonje, himself noted in his diary, that he was deeply influenced by the fascist organizations, in which he saw an opportunity to militaries the Hindu society to fight against both internal and external threats.

After returning from Italy, he set up the Central Hindu Military Education Society in 1935 and the Bhonsala Military School in 1937, both at Nasik.

BS Moonje established various types of military schools and colleges to power the Hindu youth.

Although RSS leaders attend events at the school, the organization is not directly involved in running it; that is done by the Central Hindu Military Education Society.

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Source:  Hindustan Times   |   Frontline

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