19 January 2023: The BBC has come under fire for publishing a new two-part series called India: The Modi Question on BBC. The series explores the anti-Muslim ideology of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and examine of his role in the 2002 riots that left over a 2000 Muslims dead. Widespread systematic rape of Muslim women. 138,000 internal refugees.

The targeted destruction of all Muslim businesses in Hindu and mixed Hindu-Muslim areas. Furthermore, the report states that the violence was planned, possibly months in advance, and politically motivated. Aim was to purge Muslims from Hindu areas. Led by VHP (Hindu extremist organization), under the protection of the state government. Reconciliation impossible while Modi remains Chief Minister.

The documentary claims that the conclusions of an investigation carried out by a United Kingdom diplomat were being disclosed for the first time.

The report finally states that “Narendra Modi is directly responsible.”

The documentary also highlights a series of denials by the supporters of Modi.

You Tube has removed the documentary immediately after the launch.

Gujarat's then Bharatiya Janata Party government was fiercely criticized for its handling of the riots, which opponents said amounted to complicity, although the Indian courts has given clean chit to Modi.

Being a prime minister of India, by default Modi became an important ally of the UK and the US and is seen as a crucial counterweight to Chinese power in Southeast Asia.

However, the PM has faced much criticism at home and abroad over what his opponents say is the erosion of political rights in India. Lord Rami Ranger, a member of the House of Lords of the British Parliament, criticized the BBC on Wednesday for a new series attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and condemned the BBC's biased reporting.

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has had a significant global influence since his rise to power in 2014. He has been successful in establishing strong relationships with other world leaders, particularly in the United States and Japan, and has made several successful trips abroad to promote trade and investment in India.

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