3 January 2023: A shockingly brutal video clip of a young Muslim man, being beaten up by a Hindutva vigilante mob in India has gone viral and drawn condemnation from human rights organizations from around the world.

In the short video footage, a group of Hindutva vigilantes can be seen gathered around the scared young man question the lone victim, another on the side constantly lands blows on him, slapping him in the face repeatedly as he tries to speak.

The young man can be seen and heard requesting the people of the mob to listen to him and not hit him.

When the young man folds his hands, another grabs them and holds them tight so he is denied the ability to even protect himself.

They drag him to the center of the crowd and two men from the mob can then be seen flogging the Muslim youth, hitting his legs with sticks, till he falls down. The video closes with the brutalized screams of the young man.

According to the victim, he was returning from a market at 2pm in the afternoon when a Hindu girl approached him regarding a book.

Some 3-4 unknown people surrounded him during this and began to demand why he was talking to the Hindu girl. The mob then started abusing him verbally and physically.

The victim also alleged that the mob threatened to kill him if he was found talking to the Hindu girl again.

Instances of Hindutva vigilantism in India are on the rise as the Hindu nationalist policies of the incumbent government embolden those with anti-Muslim tendencies.

Several human rights organizations have spoken up against the brutality being meted out to Muslims in India. Regarding this matter, the International Human Rights Foundation (IHRF) took to Twitter to condemn the violence.

The tweet said, “We strongly condemn the recent acts of mob violence targeting Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs in India. The nationalist policies of PM Modi's government are to blame for these atrocities. Discrimination and violence must stop. Government must promote peaceful coexistence.”

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Source:  Hindustan Times   |    Pragati Vadi

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