26 January 2023: A video from Aligarh district in Uttar Pradesh is going viral on social media. Where a Muslim primary school teacher refused to offer flowers in front of the statue of Hindu goddess Saraswati, saying "I bow my head to none other than Allah".

Where on the occasion of Republic Day on 26th January when all the teachers of the school laid flowers in front of the image of Goddess Bharat Mata and Saraswati. But a Muslim teacher Hussamuddin flatly refused saying it is not allowed in his religion which is Islam.

I do not bow down to anyone but Allah

In the video, teacher Husamuddin is clearly seen sitting on the chair. Then fellow teachers advised him to offer flowers to goddess Saraswathi. They said we also go to Muslim religious places and pray there, and there is nothing wrong in it. But Husamuddin said “I know, but I only bow to Allah.”

After the video went viral, police arrived at the school and began investigating the case.

This is result of gradual Hindutvaization of Indian culture, society and politics on Indian Muslims. This is result of successive electoral victories by Hindutva political parties, especially Modi.

The is the result of recent changes that are expediting the emergence of the Hindu State in India and consequently exposes the world’s largest religious minority to an intolerant form of majoritarian governance.

The promotion of Hindutva has led to an increase in incidents of communal violence, discrimination, and marginalization of minority groups. Additionally, the implementation of policies and laws that are perceived as discriminatory towards minorities.

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Source:  Urdu Leaks

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