29 January 2023: Two minor Muslim boys who were tied to the tree and beaten with sticks in Barabanki district, Uttar Pradesh.

According to the reports from both media and the local police, Shadab and Shakeel – had gone to the village to collect fodder for their goats.

And they were suddenly intercepted by Triloki and his sons – Sonu and Suraj – who tied them to a tree and started beating them with sticks.

A video has gone viral on social media platforms regarding the incident. In the video, abuses are being hurled at the minor boys who look visibly scared.

Alhamdulillah, the boys were soon rescued by nearby villagers. They informed their father Majbulla who immediately rushed to the spot and took them home.

A police complaint was lodged against Triloki, Sonu and Suraj. However, police said that Triloki has alleged he beat Shadab and Shakeel because they were caught harassing his minor daughter.

The attack on Shadab and Shakeel has caused widespread outrage and shock in the Muslim community in India and beyond. The incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by minority communities in India and raises important questions about the safety and security.

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Source:  Siasat    |     Sabrang India

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