1 March 2023: On Wednesday, the authorities handed over the dead body of Abdul Rashid Dar, who was missing since December 2022 to his family nearly after three months.

As per the local residents the dead body of Abdul Rashid Dar who went missing on 15th December detained him by the army.

Hundreds of local residents gathered for his funeral, and raised slogans and demanding justice for Abdul Rashid, the local residents also demanded an investigation into the incident.

They said that the dead body of Abdul Rashid was found in a nearby forest area, after which the dead body was shifted to the hospital.

The locals confirmed that the family was called in by the authorities to identify Rashid’s dead body, following which his body was taken to a hospital in order for the medico-legal formalities to be completed.

The family said that armed forces had picked Rashid from his home on December 15, while he was having dinner. The family was also assured that he will be released soon. However, the next day, the family was told by the authorities that Rashid had managed to flee from their custody.

On December 22, the authorities released a notice stating that Abdul Rashid had gone missing. The notice included phone numbers for helping the authorities locate him.

The family including Rashid’s mother staged another protest on January 17, demanding answer from the authorities into the disappearance of her son. Many social and political activists had also joined Rashid’s mother Khera Begum, in demanding justice for the family.

They (Army) did not tell any of the family members the reason why he (Rashid) was being detained.

The international community, especially Muslim world has a significant responsibility to speak out and demand justice from Indian government. International community refers to individuals and organizations that operate outside of the government and aim to promote and protect the interests of the public.

They play a vital role in holding authorities accountable and advocating for the rights of the people. In situations where there is a violation of human rights or injustice, international community can raise awareness, organize protests and mobilize public opinion.

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Source:  The Kashmiriyat

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