6 March 2023: A shocking incident of caste discrimination was reported from Karnataka on Sunday, where two homes belonging to a lower caste were set ablaze by villagers just because Hinduism prohibits the lower castes from celebrating or enjoying public events together with upper caste.

Lower caste (Untouchables) are often excluded from social gatherings, religious ceremonies, and other community events. They are also denied access to public facilities like water sources, temples, and schools.

Some villagers who belong to the upper caste raised objections when lower caste children were enjoying the music at a fair, which led to an altercation between the lower and upper caste communities.

Later that day, a group of villagers threw logs of wood and poured gasoline on the house and set it on fire, hoping the fire would spread to the other house as well.

Alarmed by the smoke, the family members got out in time and managed to save their lives. Neighbors doused the fire before it could spread and cause damage.

In Uttar Pradesh as well, an attack on a lower caste was reported. A video has surfaced where four people can be seen mercilessly thrashing a lower-caste woman.

The Indian legal system has often failed to protect untouchables from violence and discrimination. Many cases of violence against untouchables go unreported, and even when they are reported, the perpetrators are rarely brought to justice.

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Source:  Sabrang India

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