Maulana Maududi was an Islamic scholar, Islamist ideologue, Muslim philosopher, jurist, historian, journalist, social activist in India.

Sayyid Quṭb Shaheed was Egyptian author, educator, Islamic scholar, theorist, revolutionary, poet.

Across the world, the work of the two scholars has been an essential read for anyone seeking to understand Muslim decolonial tradition. They form an important part of Muslim intellectual tradition in Middle-east and South Asia and still continue to have a deep impact in these regions and beyond through the Islamic revivalist movements they spawned.

They are the intellectual standing of the Islamic scholars in the Islamic world, and Hindutva cleverly launched an attack on both of them.

Hindutva academics complain that the content of both scholars is unpleasant and termed them “Jihadi Islamic course curriculum,” and wrote letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to remove both literature from Indian curriculum.

As a result, Aligarh Muslim University decided to remove the books of the two scholars.

The Student’s Islamic Organization (SIO) a student wing of Jamat e-Islami Hind (JIH) slammed the varsity for buckling down under pressure from the Hindu right-wing and removing books of two of the most influential Islamic scholars of the century.

On the other hand, Aligarh Muslim University decided to include course on Sanatan Dharma Studies in the department of Islamic studies in M.A. Though AMU is an inclusive institution, still the sudden decision is quite surprising to the Muslim community.

Hindutva in Jharkhand launched different attack on Muslim education system.

The Depart of Education, Jharkhand issued order to remove Urdu word from name of schools not notified by govt. Jharkhand is not ruled by Modi’s party.

Members of the Bhartiya Janata Party demanding resignation of Jharkhand, Chief Minister because in Jharkhand, Urdu schools have Friday weekend off.

The Jharkhand BJP on Wednesday protested outside the state Assembly over the alleged 'Islamisation of Education’ in the state. The opposition party has alleged that the government has indulged in the Islamisation of education as it has changed the weekly holiday from Sunday to Friday in Muslim-majority areas.  

It seems BJP also launched a probe on how Urdu was tied to these institutions and under what conditions a weekly holiday on Friday was offered in government schools. "There's no instruction from the department to keep schools closed on Friday. After receiving the report, we will start an investigation," said the senior BJP leader of Jharkhand.

SIO said we all must resist these efforts to impose a monolithic vision of education in the name of ‘Indianisation’ by Hindutva groups.

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