Members of the Bajrang Dal (a Hindutva militant organization) thrown ‘objectional’ objects (pig meat) and torn pages from Quran outside of religious places, to create communal clashes.

A huge conspiracy of creating riots in Ayodhya has failed, but the biography of those who have been caught in its charge is very interesting.

Among those arrested are a former worker of Bajrang Dal, a freelance journalist and another person. Who had returned to Ayodhya during the Kovid lockdown.

Ayodhya police arrested these people when they were throwing meat and pages of Quran at mosque, dargah and temple. Due to the vigilance of the police, a big conspiracy was exposed and a communal clash was prevented.

A former Bajrang Dal worker, a man claiming to be a freelance journalist and a Bengaluru-based man who returned to Ayodhya during the Covid lockdown in 2020 are among seven men arrested for allegedly attempt to break the peace.

Police said 11 people were involved in the incident in Ayodhya — four are absconding. Until they are caught, many truths will not be uncovered.

All the accused are unemployed youth with connections to Hindutva groups.

According to the Police the “mastermind” is a former Bajrang Dal worker Mahesh Mishra. VHP leader Sharad Sharma in Ayodhya has confirmed that Mishra was earlier associated with Bajrang Dal.

It is also revealed that Mahesh Mishra had organized a training camp in Ayodhya to train youths to use pistols. According to the police, Mishra had conducted a mock drill with local youths working as terrorists and soldiers.

In 2015 Mahesh Mishra came out of Bajrang Dal and formed another organization called Hindu Warrior.

Misra is active in sharing anti-Muslim content in Hindu groups, and social media. According to the police most of the content are provocative.  

Mishra had instigated the rest of the accused, and they had been planning this incident for the last 10 days and used to meet frequently. He called other accused through social media. These people had chosen him after commenting on his post.

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Source:  Indian Express

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