Girl Commits Suicide After Being Harassed by Hindutva Groups

Dhanyashree, a 20-year-old B. Com student, committed suicide at her residence in Karnataka on Saturday.

The police retrieved death note that states the reason for the suicide is alleged moral policing by Hindutva factions.

A Hindu girl committed suicide after being hounded for sending a WhatsApp message that said “I love Muslims”.

The woman was chatting with her friend, Santhosh, on Friday when the conversation veered towards the futility of fighting over caste and religion. In a reply to a question posed by him, she had replied “I love Muslims”.

Infuriated by her message, Santhosh warned her against having any kind of relationship with Muslims. He had also shared the screenshot of their conversation with local Bajrang Dal and VHP members. The screenshot of the message went viral, causing mental agony to Dhanyashree and her mother.

Dhanyashree committed suicide the next day. A note found near her body said the incident had ruined her personal life and education.

Dhanyashree was forced to take her own life as she could not bear the harassment and bullying. It is unfortunate how in a so-called secular nation, a section of individuals dissuade inter-community interaction.

Their intolerance has reached such levels that they abuse and torture those with a difference of opinion.

Today, it is Dhanyashree; tomorrow it will be someone else. It is vital that start a discourse around this issues and spread a message of communal harmony.

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Source:  News18   |   Logical Indian

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