Hindutva on a mission to erase Muslim history from India

Hate against the followers of Islam is on the raise in India. A Pew Research survey conducted in 2009 showed that India was the 8th least-accepting country of Islam.

The importance of a place is determined by its significance, the religious places and cultural centers are places which are central to their communities, and for that reason have great importance.

Religious places belong to Muslim community have been a target of intolerance, violence and destruction since the Hindutva rule. The existence of mosques, madrasas and Eidgah’s has been threatened periodically by Hindutva groups in India.

On Wednesday, 15 September 2022 a tomb belongs to Muslim community was demolished by Kanpur police and administration by running a bulldozer.

The shrine on which is a tomb that was used as a resting place for the travelers and it dates back to the period of Akbar. The tomb had been built around 16th century and later on it became a religious place. The demolition took place despite close to 400 people coming to the area to pay their last respects. 

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said, “The tomb was not a protected monument and its demolition was not against the law.” 

Muslims have been resisting the demolition from past couple of months. 

Cultural places are so significant due to their ability to provide a sense of belonging which is the first step in achieving success. Whether it be mosque, tomb that offers a sense of safety and comfort that can only be provided by our cultural place.

Demolishing the religious places weakens the community within. 

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Source:  News Track Live 

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