Jharkhand police have arrested four people for allegedly urinating inside a mosque in Giridih from the spot. 

Among the four accused, one holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is an employee of a multinational company (MNC). The other is graduate in hotel management. While the third person, civil contractor, is a contractor.

The incident that took place on Navami, the ninth day of the Durga Puja celebration, has not just shocked people but also the educational and professional background of the accused has stumped many.

On October 4, Sunny Raj, an employee of a multinational company, forcibly entered the mosque while people were offering Zohar. He then reached the Mimber stands to deliver sermons] and urinated there.

People present in the mosque also caught hold of another person, Rohit Raj outside the gate with a scooter. While two other persons - Deepalok Mitra and Chandan Gupta were waiting in a four-wheeler some distance away from him.

During a police investigation, it was revealed that Sunny Raj had attempted to enter another mosque situated along Pachamba main road to do the same but there he could not enter the mosque as people stopped him after noticing that he was wearing a bermuda.

Leaders from Bhartiya Janta Party which is in opposition in Jharkhand, reached to the police station pledging in favor of the accused. 

Muslim said, if the act had not been planned to create communal tension in the city during Durga Puja, then how did they reach the police station so fast in defense of the accused?

Later, former MP and BJP leader Ravindra Rai conducted a press conference and questioned the arrest of the four persons by police, and demanding their immediate release. 

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Source:   E-News Room India

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