On 02 September 2022, around 10:15 pm., Dawood Ali, was chit chatting with his nephew Naeem and his neighbor Akram in front of his home.

Suddenly, six to seven bikes with armed men reached the spot and jumped on Dawood and started beating him recklessly.

Dawood’s daughter Lubna, saw the incident, she said: “Hindutva goons, fled while firing in the air and shouting Jai Shri Ram.” 

“I don’t think a single part of my father’s body was left without wounds and blood. Those men were firing in the air to scare off everyone, and no one dared to save my father. 16-17 people were beating up my father. What chance did he have of surviving such a heinous attack?”

The family took him to a hospital where he died the next day.

Dawood’s elder son Shahrukh said: “We are clueless as to why this happened to our father.”

The most unusual aspect of Dawood’s case is, he had no enemies in his lifetime and was considered a simple yet honorable man in the entire region, no relation with any politics, yet he was lynched. 

“As a broken family we are trying to bear this grief. We know what’s done is done. But my mother can’t give up as to why my father was murdered with such brutality. Everyone knows him to be one of the most reputable and respectable in the region. He never had even a speck of a fight with anyone in the village,” Shahrukh lamented.

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Source:  Maktoob Media

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