Hindutva activist harassed Muslim student, till she killed herself

Vania Asad Sheikh 20, a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) second year student, jumped from the fourth floor of the University and killed herself, after being molested and threatened by a Hindutva male classmate.

On 19 October, Ms. Asad was jumped off the fourth floor of the library building and was admitted to the medical college hospital, where she died on Friday 21, October afternoon.

Police have scanned the Ms. Asad’s call record as she is believed to have had a heated argument with Siddhant Kumar on the phone.

After the initial investigation police has arrested Siddhant Kumar Panwar under sections for abetment to suicide, he was sent to 14 days judicial custody.

Earlier in 2018 a Hindu, B.Com student also committed suicide after harassed by Hindutva youth

During the probe, the police learned that the Siddhant Panwar had slapped Ms. Asad in public, as a result of which, she was upset.

After the post-mortem, the body of the girl was handed over on her family on Saturday afternoon.

The girl was the only daughter of three families, her father was distraught after her death. He said that he will never be able to forget his daughter. He demanded strict action against the accused, which he may not get because he is the follower of Islamic faith. 

Indian media is silent because they can’t paint this incident as ‘Love Jihad’ as the woman is Muslim and the man is Hindu.

Is there any solution to this growing Hindutva danger ?? !!

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Source:  Muslim Mirror   |   News 18   |     The Print

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